Good luck Red Bracelet Sterling Silver


Amazing Powerful Handmade Red Bracelet With Sterling Silver Beds. Unisex and adjustable cord size.


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Th red string bracelet is rooted in Hindu tradition and part of Buddhist practice for more than 500 years. During the ceremony, a monk chants scripture while lighting candles in a centerpiece tied with colored strings or threads. Participants hold a piece of thread tied to the centerpiece. Afterward, the monk and participants tie the threads onto one another’s wrists to signify that the body and soul are firmly tied together.  In Buddhism, the color red is a symbol of life force, compassion and rules the tongue portion of the body. Wearing the red string in Buddhism is a reminder to the wearer to show compassion to all and mind the tongue, for the tongue can cut deeper than the sword. It is also generally worn on the left wrist.
In energy work, this bracelet can become a talisman and charged with energies that protect the wearer. It is believed the left side of the body is the receiving side, thus wearing it on your left side is allows for the receiving of good fortunes and luck to come to us.
  • One Size fits all ( Adjustable ), but not for baby.
  • Wax Rob Red Color
  • 925 Sterling Silver Beds (0.4cm)

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